3D Blackjack

Iron Dog Studios are back with their brand new take on blackjack with 3D Blackjack. This game has some interesting 3D graphics and a huge potential for wins for those lucky players. There are also some exciting special features in this game that blackjack players are sure to love. Don't miss out on winning big, place your bets and see if you can walk away with a lot of money from 3D Blackjack today.

Our Verdict: 3D Blackjack is a very exciting game which has some pretty high stakes. If you want to go low with your bets, then try out the 50p chips which you can place across the 3 places on the table. If you want to go big, then feel free to add a maximum of two £100 chips on each place. If you go for the maximum bet, you might just be able to win the jackpot on this game. Try out 3D Blackjack for the chance to win a lot of cash.

Design: 3D Blackjack has a typical blackjack design with the main focus of the game on the table that the player is at. Players will feel as though they are right there in a real casino with the green table and the stack of coloured chips on show. The game is pretty simple to understand with all of the special features appearing when players can use them. Of course, the 3D element of the game is the chips which slide across the table.

Insurance: No one likes to lose out on a lot of money, so Iron Dog Studios have created an insurance policy that players can take advantage of when they are playing 3D Blackjack. To use this, players must choose to bet an additional 0.5x on their stake to allow them to still win if the dealer manages to get blackjack. This money will be then lost if the dealer does not land these cards so make sure to look out for this when placing your bet.

Double: Another exciting feature that Iron Dog Studios have added to this game is the double feature. This comes into action once the initial two cards have been viewed and the player figures out whether they think they have a chance of winning or not. When the player chooses to double their bet, they will receive an additional card then they must stand. This is really exciting and can lead to some pretty big payouts for those lucky players.

Splitting: If all of these features aren't enough to get you to play 3D Blackjack then you are sure to love the splitting feature. Players who want to double their stake and win more can do so by using the splitting feature when they manage to get dealt two cards of the same value. If they manage to win, they'll get double the stake, but unfortunately, blackjack cannot be called when this feature has been used.