3D European Roulette

Roulette remains one of the most beloved and easily recognisable casino games in the world today.  Casino fans love its simple and easy-to-follow betting structure.

Due to its increased popularity, many developers continue to bring out new online varieties of this beloved game.  NYX has recently released a brand-new 3D European Roulette title that will truly make you feel like you are playing in your very own Vegas casino.  Here, we're taking a look at what makes this new release so special.

Our Verdict: NYX certainly knows a thing or two about creating a truly immersive gaming experience.  The brand-new 3D European Roulette game is a must-play for any roulette fan.  NYX has created an extremely life-like version of the game, complete with crystal clear graphics and some exciting special features that help you to make this game your own.  The smooth and crisp gaming experience will certainly appeal to both new and seasoned players and the stellar graphics really help this title stand out from the crowd.  Roulette has become synonymous with big cash wins, and this latest instalment is no different. Get ready to spin the roulette wheel to see if lady luck is on your side.

How to Play: As is made clear from the title of the game, this roulette game plays in the European style.  This is usually considered the simplest form of roulette, and you will be able to see the single 0 highlighted in green on the wheel.  Unlike the American version of this game, there is no double zero position on the roulette wheel.  NYX has made it super easy for players to place a bet.  The colourful chips located at the bottom of the game screen simply need to be clicked and then placed on the pay table.  Where you choose to place your chips will determine the type of bet you make.  Wagers for this roulette game begin at 50p and rise to a maximum bet of £200.

Types of Bet: In this latest instalment, players have the option of placing several different types of bets.  For new roulette players, this can be a daunting part of the gaming experience.  The first bet you can make is a single bet on a specific number.  This offers the highest reward, but also comes with the highest risk.  You can also bet on either red or black.  Odd or even bets are fairly explanatory, and range bets let you place a bet on where the ball will land – either   1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18 or 19-36.  This version comes with a handy re-bet function, which makes placing bets quick and easy to manage. 

Special Features: NYX's 3D European Roulette comes with a number of interesting customisable features.  Firstly, players can opt for a fast-play feature, which speeds up gameplay.  Secondly, the re-bet and spin is a great option if you're looking to make the same wager more than once and the statistics feature shows you your previous betting history.