Baccarat Gold

Old meets new in Microgaming's modern interpretation of baccarat, the world's oldest casino game. Enjoy the fun of this traditional table game in your own home playing Microgaming's functional and elegant interpretation of it with Baccarat Gold, which comes with a few added extras.

The basic method of playing is employed in Baccarat Gold but with a number of exciting added features, including additional betting. In simple terms, players want a hand that is as close to nine as possible with all colour cards and tens counting as zero and with aces as one.

Players can choose to bet on the dealer or themselves or the tie bet. The hands are dealt according to the Third Card Rules and both the player and the banker bets pay out at evens (with a 5% commission for the banker). The Tie bet, however, pays out at a rate of 8 1, making it highly lucrative if you win.

The charm of baccarat lies in its simplicity. It doesn't take long to pick up the game, and it's certainly enjoyable to play, whatever level you are at.

Baccarat Gold offers experienced players the chance to delve straight into the added features, which include additional betting using banker pairs or player pairs. In a fantastic twist to make the game feel more real, players can peek at their playing cards. By clicking on the edge of the cards after they are dealt, players will see the corner of the card turned over for a quick peek. Players can also 'Squeeze' or 'Rotate' their cards.

One exciting feature of Baccarat Gold lies in the Roadmap found to the lower right-hand corner. This Roadmap is a useful and a nifty tool that tracks the outcome of each hand so you can determine patterns and make your moves accordingly if you wanted to.

The soft ambient music, the pleasant voice of the dealer and the sound of genteel casino chatter in the background gives this game an old-world feeling of elegance. If the casino has literally entered your own home.

Players can also choose to turn the sounds off and play in silence if they require it  perhaps for a sneaky midnight play while your partner is asleep! The themes and motifs of the game are reminiscent of a true baccarat table, including the coloured bet chips, the green table and the deck holder.

The user-friendly interface includes simple-to-follow navigation and easy-to-view cards. In the far right corner players will see a question mark, which gives instant access to the rules should you need a recap.

The game already has a strong following as many online baccarat fans find this new version from Microgaming gives them more than a little extra in comparison to other online baccarat games.

Players particularly love the additional betting and the Roadmaps, as well as the simplicity of the interface and the graphics. Baccarat Gold is arguably the most elegant, exciting and realistic online baccarat game available today.