Bar Bar Black Sheep

It's time to take a trip down memory lane with Microgaming's Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game.  This nursery rhyme-themed slot game will have you humming the iconic tune as you spin the reels.

In the nursery rhyme, you were to get wool, but that's not the case here.  Instead, you will be looking to scoop up some meaty jackpot prizes, and this time around you won't be sharing them with the master!  Of course, being a modern slot game, you will also be able to enjoy this on the go on your tablet device or mobile phone, as well as your desktop computer. 

Our Verdict:

Bar Bar Black Sheep was originally released a few years ago as a 3 reel slot game, but they have now released a 5 reel version.  Players will be more than happy to an upgrade to the new version as it adds a bit more excitement to the reels and there will certainly be a lot more prizes on offer with an improved 15 paylines.  The graphics have also been improved which make it more pleasant to look at.  But, by far the best change is the improved bonus features, which transform the old 3 reel version to an updated modern video slot that everyone will love.

Wild symbols:

With Bar Bar Black Sheep being upgraded to a 5 reel slot game, you would expect a lot of things to have changed, and you would be spot on.  For one, there have been several new symbols added to the reels such as a new wild symbol which is represented by the Bar Bar Black Sheep logo.  This wild symbol will act as you would expect by substituting all other symbols on the reels apart from the Scatter to help you complete winning combinations.

Free Spins:

The main bonus feature on the Bar Bar Black Sheep slot game is a free spins feature.  The bags of wool symbol on the reels is the triggering symbol for this feature; you just need to get at least three bags full, and the feature will be activated.  However, don't worry, you won't receive any wool for this, instead, you will earn up to 25 free spins which will begin automatically.  The amount of free spins you receive depends on the number of triggering symbols and during the free spins, there will be a 3x multiplier added to any wins you get, tripling your overall payout. 

Extra Prize:

There is also a hidden prize on the reels, well not so hidden, but it certainly is special.  Players will be looking for a Bar Bar Black Sheep combination, literally.  If you remember back to the original version of the game, the Bar Bar Black Sheep combination paid out the biggest prize in the game, which is the same now in this upgraded version. Players will earn a superb 999x multiplier prize when this combination appears, just make sure that you keep your eyes open!