Boss the Lotto

The developer Gamevy has recently released a new range of games to enjoy and Boss the Lotto stood out to us immediately. It looks like it has a lot of potentials and is based on the Lottery itself which we found quite interesting.

The game strays away from the traditional slot setup, so you won't find any reels to spin. You can still win big on it though with a potential jackpot of a staggering £1,000,000 on offer, so this game is not to be taken lightly. As the game is pretty unique, we will detail how to play later on in our review which is below.

Our Verdict:

The game is great fun once you get the hang of it and we can't seem to think of any other game that is based on the lottery like this one. We love the graphics and the bright interface really draws you in. It does manage to make you feel like you are going to win big when playing it and the return to player is around 91% which some players may find a little low but due to the game's structure actually works out pretty well for the player. Boss the Lotto is definitely worth a few rounds, and you can learn how to play below.

How to Play:

You begin by placing an initial deposit and then you can select how much you would like to bet. Next hit the play button and the game is based on chance with the game not actually determined ahead of time which is an important factor. There are 43 good balls and just 6 bad balls. If you can pick six good balls in a row, then this will double your money, and you can either continue to select balls or cash out. Picking 43 good balls will win the jackpot but a single bad pick ends the game, and there will be no winnings so be aware.

Betting & Payouts:

The rules of the game mean that the outcome of each round is determined ahead of time. This is normal and allows for a unique payout system so as we mentioned, picking six good balls in a row doubles your initial bet. You can gamble from just a pound just as you would normally on the lottery, and this rises in multiples with £2, £3, £4, £5 and £10 all good betting options. Some players may find it slightly limited, but overall it works well and fits the structure of the game. We would recommend starting out with £1 bets to see if it is for you.

Additional Features:

The game doesn't really have additional features due to its structure and rules. Usually, in these types of games there is an auto-play function but part of Boss the Lotto is the excitement of picking numbers yourself, and the player needs to decide whether to continue playing or cash out after every round so we don't feel that an auto-play would be suitable anyway.