Bounty Hunt

The newly released slot game, Bounty Hunt, from Chance Interactive, tasks players to hunt down and arrest bad guys for the chance to win big! 

With its futuristic and sci-fi themed backdrop, impressive graphics and unique theme, this slot game give avid slot players a different gaming experience.  Take this thrilling game for a spin to find out more!

Our Verdict:  Have you always been fascinated with bounty hunters?  Do you dream of chasing down bad guys and reaping the rewards?  Then look no further than this fantastic interactive slot!  Channel your inner Boba Fett and scour the galaxy in search for your latest capture.  This thrilling slot has a great selection of bonus features, guaranteed to help you win big cash prizes!  With minimum bets starting from as little as 25p all the way up t a maximum of £25 per spin, this is a great new slot find!  Plus, this is a five-reel slot so that everyone can have a go!

Wild Symbol:  The wild symbol usually helps players to make fantastic winning combinations, thanks to its ability to replace almost all other symbols on the reels.  This is not the case in this futuristic slot.  There is no set wild symbol to be found on these reels. Instead, the wild symbol is determined by a special Crosshair bonus feature.  Each time the reels spin, this bonus feature is activated, and players will encounter a fluorescent blue crosshair target on the game screen.

Crosshair Bonus Feature:  This unique bonus feature will cause the fluorescent target to glide across the five reels, choosing a symbol and changing it into a wild.  If this target lands on a lower value symbol, it is turned into a wild for you to use.  If it lands on the grenade symbol, the whole reel becomes a wild! What a neat feature! What's more, if the target lands on any of the bad guy symbols in the game, they too will turn into helpful wild symbols.

Free Spins:  The bonus scatters symbol is not replaced by the wild symbol within the game.  On Bounty Hunter, the bonus scatters symbol is represented by a wanted poster.  The wanted poster triggers the free spin bonus feature in the game.   The crosshair target must successfully land on the wanted poster for you to receive your free spins.  When this happens, you are entitled to 10 free spins!  On top of this great offer, a special bonus round, where you will be tasked with capturing the bad buys in the game could land you a whopping four wilds on the reels for the rest of your free spins!   

We loved playing on this thrilling futuristic slot from Chance Interactive!  It provided a great gaming experience that any type of slot fan will love!  The interesting bonus features provide something a little different and the bonus round activated by the free spin function was particularly enjoyable.  Check out this great new slot today!