Call of the Colosseum

Few people who visit Rome miss the opportunity to visit the glorious Colosseum. This historic Roman building has seen gladiators fight each other, public executions, animal hunts and dramas carried out in it. Has any building in the world witnessed so much history being made in it?

All of this means that it’s exactly the kind of atmospheric and world famous building which is ideal to build a slots game around; which is exactly what those clever developers at NextGen have done with the stunning Call of the Colosseum game.

The imagery on the game is pretty impressive, with an ornate Roman background framing the reels. On the 5 reels there are a variety of Roman themed symbols such as the emperor, a bunch of grapes, weapons, a shield and the Colosseum itself. The graphics have been well-designed and the whole thing is easy on the eye. As well as being a pleasure to look at it is also an enjoyable little game to play as well.  

In terms of features, the game is maybe a little light in this arena (excuse the pun) but the free spins round is interesting and has the added bonus of the Emperor appearing and giving the thumbs up or thumbs down gesture. Apart from that the strongest part of this game is that the atmosphere builds up as you play it – obviously in true Roman Centurion fashion. You can’t help but feel part the history of the place as you see all those symbols spin past you.

Wild symbol:
The Emperor just has to move his thumb upwards or downwards to signify life or death for the participants in the Colosseum. It seems only right that he is, therefore, the game’s all important wild symbol. He could decide whether we win enough money to buy a toga and a huge amount of grapes before settling down to a life of wanton luxury.
This symbol replaces any of the game’s other symbols with the exception of the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols and bonus rounds:
The animated shield symbol is the scatter on Call of the Colosseum; 3 or more of these images appearing on your screen means that you are about to enter the free spins game. At this point you will be given 10 free spins, with a 2x multiplier in play at the same time.
As you carry out those free spins the Emperor can appear and make his eagerly awaited thumbs up or thumbs down gesture with his hand. If you get a thumbs up then you are awarded another 3 free spins.

Gamble feature:
Is the Colosseum going to be good to you? After you have scooped a win you need to decide whether or not to try and increase it with the game’s gamble feature. In this case, you need to think about what card you think will appear in front of you. You have the choice of wagering your winnings on the colour or the suit. As the suit is more difficult to predict, getting this right gives you 4 times your win. Choosing the right colour doubles your cash.

Our verdict:
Have you ever felt the Call of the Colosseum? Maybe you have never felt the urge to put on your gladiator gear and battle to the death with the crowd cheering you on but there is a very good chance that you’ll feel the call to play this rather lovely game.
It is well put together, with some interesting images and the chance to win a good deal of money. The game perhaps lacks some of the additional features that are present in some other slots titles but it makes up for that with its charm and the thrills it offers.