DJ Wild

If you have ever had aspirations to be a world famous DJ, you may feel that the boat has sailed – or in DJ terms, the tune has ended – but maybe not.

On the DJ Wild slot, you will be able to mix up some big jackpots, enjoy some great bonus features, plus so much more.  This ELK created DJ masterclass will have you spinning the reels all night long as you mix yourself up a nice little win. 

Our Verdict:

DJ Wild is a quality slot game that will bring music to many people's ears these days, as some of the most recent slots are very poor indeed.  But, you won't have that problem when you begin to spin on the decks of this funky slot game because you are in control of the tunes you play, as well as the size of prizes you create.  This 5-reel slot game is complete with a unique bonus feature and 20 pay lines.  If you manage to put together some groovy beats and win some big prizes, who knows, maybe a career as a DJ is for you.

How to Play:

Maybe some players aren't actually interested in becoming a DJ, they are just interested in a quality slot game, and it doesn't matter as this game is suitable for all kinds of players.  We must admit, though, it is much easier to become a winner in this slot than carving out a successful DJ career, but it may be the perfect stepping stone as you spin the reels.  Players will be looking to create a combination of matching symbols to win prizes from the game.  There is also a special both ways to win feature, which will increase the probability of winning.

Wild Symbol:

It will feel like you are actually playing in front of a fanatic crowd, who love a good DJ set when you begin playing this game.  The colours and lighting will feel like you are behind the decks ready to put on a performance to be proud of, and each of the symbols will help create that feeling, especially the wild symbol.  The wild symbol is the most influential symbol in this game.  Not only will it substitute for all other symbols in the base game, but it will also provide the exclusive bonus feature for the game as well when it appears.

Expanding Wilds:

As we said, the wild symbol is one of the most important symbols in the game, and players will quickly realise this when they see it appearing on the reels.  The wild symbol, once it has appeared, will turn into an expanded symbol – covering entire reels – and a free re-spin will be awarded.  Re-spins will continue to occur until no more wilds appear and this could be how players win their funky payouts.  Combine this with the both ways to win feature, and players have a pretty special slot game on their hands.