Epic Gems

Players who are looking for an out of the box slot game that doesn't follow the standard format know to go to straight to the Gamevy portfolio. Epic Gems is one of their exceptional games that provides a game play experience unlike any other games on the market!

Do not be disappointed upon first loading up this game to find none of your standard symbol such as wilds and scatters as you can still have lots of fun and bag yourself a huge £25,000 jackpot prize!

Our Verdict: Epic Gems is a great game to give a go if you are looking for something a bit different to your usual slot games with reels and rows. Gamevy always produces innovating content that will keep you playing for hours on end. Although this game is pretty simple to play players of all levels will really enjoy this game as you can potentially bag yourself a massive £25,000 jackpot prize with a wager of only £10! This can be a very lucrative game if your luck is in!

Odds: You may be surprised to hear that this is a game where the odds are in your favour! Players only need choose six times before they can take their winnings. As this is such a low number, the majority of players should be able to hit it quite easily and not get caught out by those pesky mines. When you pick a good gem, you can then get back 110% of your bet. This number will continue to rise until by 10% until you hit the number 6 which can make for a hugely lucrative round. The top percentage you can hit is a 10% rise and to do this, you will need to pick out 15 gems from the grid without hitting a mine!

Placing a Bet: It is very easy to place a bet on this game, and it is not any more difficult than placing a bet with slots. In fact, if you are not familiar with placing slot bets then this is actually a really great game to start off with. The wagering range of this game is pretty small, and players can place a bet anywhere between £1 and £10, and this is we would recommend this game for beginners. The more you wager, the more you can win in the big jackpot prize, so it is definitely worth your while to bet as much as you can.

Additional Features: As we mentioned before, this game is unlike any other slot on the market, and that means you will not find any of your usual additional features such as wild symbols, free spins, and bonus rounds present within this game. This game is bags of fun on its own, and its simplicity is what draws many players to it, so there really is no need to fill it up with lots of extra features! Players looking for a new gaming experience should give this a go today!