Fruit Warp

Can you imagine what would happen if there was some sort of rift in the space-time continuum and a bunch of pieces of fruit got sucked into another dimension? It’s probably not something you think about every day so we’ll come clean right away and admit that Fruit Warp is what would happen.

The idea behind this fruity slots game may be a bit wacky but once you get started you will see that it is pretty exciting too. It comes from the creative games designers at Thunderkick and you will see right away that it is a totally different kind of slots game.

Instead of being placed on the usual fixed reels, the fruits, which are the game’s symbols, float around in a sea of green liquid in an apparently random way. There are always 9 delicious pieces of fruit on screen at any given time but they change formation all the time. The symbols used include classics such as strawberries, bananas and cherries, as well as some more exotic fruits – and although you don’t think of fruit as cute, these graphics certainly give the impression that they are.

The good thing about this set up is that you basically just need to get 3 matching fruits anywhere on the screen. It is fantastic fun to see the fruit hurtling towards you – we can only imagine the graphics are based on fruit smoothy blender - while you try and work out if you have a winning combination or not.

The Portal Respin

Any slots game feature called a Portal Respin has got to be worth checking out, hasn’t it? This is a great feature on Fruit Warp which kicks in when you get 4 matching fruits on the screen. At this point, all of the other 5 fruits on the screen will get removed and replaced with new ones, meaning another chance to win some more money for you. 

The Fruit Mode

Ok, so we now know that you win if you have 3 matching fruits on screen at the same time. We also know that if you have 4 of them then you get handed a frankly thrilling Portal Respin. So, what happens if you have 5 or more of them at the same time? Good question. Well, in this case you can say a warm welcome to the Fruit Mode feature of the game. This is arguably the highlight of this slots game and it is also the way in which you can expect to win most money. You will see a warp meter at the bottom of screen for each of the game’s fruits. This shows how many free spins you will get for each symbol. Get 5 or more of the same fruit and you are quids in as you enter the Fruit Mode and get to use what you have built up so far.

Our Verdict

Whether you love to suck on a starfruit, bite a banana or guzzle some grapes, you will find some great fruity action on Fruit Warp. If you are used to playing more traditional online slots games then it might take you some time to get used to the set up and the gameplay on here. Once you get used to it though you are sure to find it intriguing.

The action is certainly pretty exciting once it gets going and you will enjoy seeing shiny pieces of ripe fruit hurtle towards you. The Portal Respin and Fruit Mode features are rewarding elements of the game and the more fruit you can match on screen the better. You will absolutely love the graphics and dramatic sounds when a big win is activated.
We love the Fruit Warp and we are sure you will too.