Keno is an instant win game that is likely to appeal to bingo fans because it’s quite similar and, of course, ball-based. The concept is very straightforward, as all you need to do is guess which of the numbered balls will be drawn to win.

The on-screen, blue-coloured card looks similar to a bingo card except it has more numbers. There are ten rows and ten columns in Keno, and it features the numbers 1 to 80 running from left to right across each box in the grid.

Having the balls running in a more logical numbered order certainly makes it a bit less brain intensive than looking at a bingo card, where the numbers tend – although still listed in numerical order - to be a little more random and therefore harder to keep track.

When you start a new game of Keno, you can either choose to keep the randomly-highlighted numbers, you’re presented with or click ‘Clear’ to remove them. You’ll need to predict the numbers of the twenty balls that draw in each game, and you can choose to place a bet on up to fifteen of the eighty numbers on your card.


How much you win depends on how many numbers you correctly select on your Keno board. The pay table is displayed on the left-hand side of the card and will show you at a glance how many credits can be won for each combination. These amounts are also affected by the coin size you bet, and the minimum value you can choose to play with is 1.00, with the maximum being 10.00.

If you’re playing with the max bet, the top payout (if you correctly guess all fifteen numbers) is worth 10,000. You won’t win anything for matching one or two numbers – only three or more.

Playing The Game:

Once you’ve highlighted your chosen fifteen numbers, just click the ‘Play’ button. One by one, the red balls will pop out of the shoot on the right of your card, and land in their numbered spaces on the board.

The pay-table will simultaneously update to reflect how many ‘hits’ (i.e. correctly-guessed numbers) you’ve achieved, and you’ll be paid out according to your number of matches. If you want to play again, just click ‘Clear’ and select a new set of numbers before hitting ‘Play.’

With Keno, you can choose to play in demo mode until you get the hang of things and don’t want to risk playing with real money. Alternatively, choose to ‘Play for Real’ and you could win big if you guess enough balls correctly!

Our Verdict:

Keno is a great choice for any bingo fan as you’ll get that same rush of excitement as each ball gets drawn. It’s also a good option for those who are new to instant games. The rules are simple and the max you’ll need to part with (if you choose the lowest bet) is 1.00 per card.