Live Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the classic mobile casino games which most players want to play at some time or another. The demand for a better and more authentic playing experience has led to Microgaming producing a Live Dealer option which puts you right in the thick of the action, but at a time that suits you.

Among the first options for you to choose from are the different views of the game. You can take part in Live Blackjack games while seeing a Casino View or a Game View.

The functions and the features are the same in both games. So it just comes down to whether you want to see the dealer up close or want the camera to focus on the table with a video insert of the dealer.

The background in both cases is an interesting view of the rest of the casino’s tables. The quality of the image is top class, and if you would like to make adjustments there are six different settings.

A feature, which might be of interest to some gamers, is the one that allows you to play multiple games at the same time. You can activate by clicking a button at the bottom of the screen.

You can then choose to play on any of the other Live Blackjack tables or go to a different game without ending your current session.

Among the rest of the useful features, there is also the Bet Behind option, which you might not have come across with other online casinos before now. It is a useful way of placing a bet by betting behind a seated player, which is a tactic that is likely to be familiar to those who frequent land based casinos.

You can also very easily check out your statistics and wagering history using the Paycheck feature, so that you know how you have been doing in the game since you first started playing it.

Once you are ready to start placing some bets, you will discover that this is a fast and exciting version of Live Blackjack to play.

The on-screen counter gives you a relatively short time to make your decision as it starts at just 15 seconds. It means that the action just never stops and that the next hand will be along before too long.

While there is no free play option to pick on this Live Blackjack game, the range of betting means you don't have to have a huge amount in your account in order to get started.

Our Verdict:

The incredibly high-quality graphics and the smooth, fast gameplay mean that this is a great option for anyone who wants to play some Live Casino Blackjack in a professional and well put together Live Dealer setting. The action is fast, but the features on offer mean that you will always feel in control of your wagering. Dazzle casino has pleny of live talbe games, but this is one of the very best ones around, play this and many more live games at the best online casino sites around.