Live Roulette

There are few casino games as exciting as Roulette, especially when you play it with a dealer right in front of you. The new Live Roulette option provided by Microgaming means that you can enjoy all of the tension and excitement of this classic game at home.

The action at Live Roulette is crystal clear, and you will feel as though you are there while you watch the dealer collect your bet and then spin the wheel.

Even a relatively slow internet connection won’t stop you from enjoying some great images during the game. If you want to find the best possible image, then there are 6 quality settings you can choose from until you find the one that best suits you.

The layout of the screen is also intuitive enough for you to be able to get started right away without any delays. In fact, before you get started you can choose to play Live Roulette in your browser so that you can play some games immediately, without even downloading the casino software first of all.

We recommend this for players who have heard good things about the Live Roulette games from Microgaming but who want to give it a try before they start downloading any casino software.

Once you are up and running, it is simple to place a bet on the table and then wait for the spin. A little timer will show you how long you have left to decide your wager while the dealer waits patiently for your decision. It lasts for 40 seconds, so there is plenty of time to work out what numbers you think will come up in the next game.

The dealer then starts the wheel spinning and releases the ball once the timer is at zero. When the wheel stops and the ball rests on one of the numbers, the camera zooms in to let you see what number it is in and whether you have won or not. 

The options on display are comprehensive, with the game statistics and history at your fingertips. You can also use the multiple play function to play Live Roulette on more than one table at a time.

A nice touch is the fact that you can switch between different views, with Game View and Casino View being available whenever you want to see the action differently. The options are the same on the different camera angles, so it is possible to see the game in the way that you prefer at any given time.

If you haven’t available funds in your account to play Live Roulette, then you can still watch a game take place, but there is sadly no free play option on it.

Our Verdict:

If you want to feel the thrill of a game of Roulette without having to go to a land based casino, then you can’t do much better than trying out the Microgaming Live Dealer games. You will have the flexibility and convenience of playing when YOU want to.