Most of us love a magic show and the chance to try and work out how on Earth the magician is doing all that weird stuff in front of us.

If that sounds like you then in that case, Magicious could be just the slots game you are looking for.

The theme of this game is, unsurprisingly, a dazzling magic show. It has been crafted by the imaginative creative team at Thunderkick, and gives us the kind of quirky and amusing slots game that the Swedish developer is fast gaining a reputation for. The graphics are top notch and the game’s sound helps to make it pretty exciting too.

Magicious offers 5 reels and 10 paylines, while you should also bear in mind that it pays both ways.  The screen is set up with a slick looking magician standing at one side of the reels and a female magician at the other side. Apparently these two characters are called Magicia and Illucious and they use their magic wands to point out the winning boxes. Did we say boxes? That’s right, instead of traditional reels there are levitating boxes that spin on the invisible reels onscreen and these contain the symbols you need to make up a winning line. The symbols include stars, suns, moons and other colourful images.

Expanding Wilds with Re-spin

The spinning boxes are fantastic to look at but the symbols on them aren’t really all that exciting. Having said that, you won’t be complaining when you get the one with the pink sphere on it. This is the game’s Expanding Wild symbol and it only ever appears on the middle reels. When it does pop up you will be delighted, though. This is because it just grows and grows until it fills the entire reel.  It also triggers a re-spin of the other reels, to give you more of a chance of another big win. It can perform a re-spin up to 3 times in total.

Pay Both Ways

Apart from the brilliant Expanding Wilds feature, there is something else to look out for on Magicious too. This is the fact that the game pays out both ways, which means that you can win on a line from left to right or from right to left. If you haven’t played a lot of online slots games in the past then this might not sound like too big a deal. However, after a few spins you will soon realise that you can win a lot more at Magicious thanks to this simple addition to the gameplay.

Our Verdict

We think that you won’t believe your eyes when you start giving this magical slots game a whirl. The idea behind the game is very clever and the spinning, levitating boxes have been extremely well designed. It certainly seems that the developers at Thunderkick have got the secret for creating simple but very exciting slots games.
We are not sure how they do it, there must be a slight sprinkling of craziness in the design team, but we don’t mind as long as we can keep on enjoying their games, especially this one.