Let’s just start by saying that we hope you don’t have any creatures like this in your garden or your greenhouse at home.

The Munchers slot game has a sort of creepy, monstrous gardening theme, with mutant plants roaming around the place, and if you do find any of these toothy carnivorous plants in amongst your roses and tulips then we can recommend running away as fast as you can

Munchers is a 5 reel slots game from NextGen with 25 paylines, which obviously gives the opportunity for more wins than the average slot. As far as the gameplay goes, it is a fairly simple slots game that is very easy to pick up. There are some bonus features to keep you entertained but the whole thing is simple and not at all challenging to master. On the plus side this will be a good thing, certainly if you are fed up with games that are loaded with features and want something a bit more straightforward to play.

The symbols are all interesting to look at, with a mixture of strange creatures and gardening images such as gloves and tools and overall the game is well designed. The action cracks along at a good pace and the whole package starts to add up to more than its individual parts once you get playing and trying to win a big prize.

Wild symbol:

The wild symbol in this slots game is the Muncher, a freaky carnivorous plant with big teeth; which is the main character of the game and the one that it is based on. This symbol can replace any of the other ones on the screen except the watering can, which is the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols and bonus rounds:

The key to getting a bunch of free spins is the watering can symbol. As the scatter symbol, this image will give you 10 free games when you get 3 or more of them on the reels. During these free spins you might get lucky and see expanded wild Muncher symbols take over the screen and these could very well give you big wins as well. This is probably the most exciting element of the game when it happens.

Gamble feature:

Would you like to win even more than the prize you currently have sitting there? If you do and you are feeling brave then you can give the game’s gamble feature a try. With this option, you need to predict which colour or suit of card is about to get drawn. Get it right and you win 2x or 4x your original prize, respectively.  You can use this gamble feature up to 5 times.

Our verdict:

The presentation of Munchers doesn’t really make it stand out all that much in a very busy market place but if you are after something that is enjoyable and easy to play then this could be the game for you. The graphics and sound maybe aren’t going to blow you away but overall the playing experience is good as you would expect from any NextGen game.
If you like creepy creatures and fast moving slots action you could very well be won over by Munchers before too long. You might even find that you end up falling in love with those creepy plants with the big teeth after a while…… Just don’t turn your back on them!