Potion Commotion

The theme for this slots game from the software designer geeks at NextGen is the world of science and mysterious potions. It isn’t the first slots title to use this theme but Potion Commotion pulls it off rather well we feel.

Potion Commotion has 5 reels and 20 paylines.  The symbols include all sorts of strange potions and vials; all set inside what looks like a mad scientist’s lab. The images are good, with lots of colour and plenty of attention to detail on show.  Even if you’ve never been interested in science and mysterious bubbling potions you are sure to wonder at some point what is inside all of the containers on the screen. Could it be the secret of eternal youth or maybe a new perfume that will bewitch a member of the opposite sex whenever you squirt some of it on?

Whatever else is brewing in this laboratory, we reckon that some big wins might be bubbling away as well. This game is relatively light on features, with free spins, a wild symbol and a gamble feature pretty much your lot. However, it makes up for this Spartan approach to bonus features with an attractive layout and some easy to master gameplay.     

Wild symbol:

The vial is the wild symbol on this game and it can give you wins by acting as a substitute for any of the other symbols apart from the logo, which is the scatter symbol. Get this wild symbol on screen and it can help turn any line into a winning one.

Scatter symbols and bonus rounds:

As the scatter symbol on Potion Commotion, the game’s logo lets you enter into the free spins feature whenever at least 3 of these images crop up at the same time.
If you manage to get 3 of these lovely scatter symbols up on the reels then you will receive 10 free spins to play. If you manage to reveal 4 of the logos then you will benefit from 15 free spins and if the exciting situation of 5 logos appear on the reels then this will give you – you guessed it, didn’t you? – 20 free games. During the free spins all prizes are also tripled.

Gamble feature:

As is typical with NextGen slots games, you have the extremely tempting option of gambling your winnings to try and win an even bigger prize.  Whether you get lucky or not depends upon whether you correctly guess what type of card is about to be turned over on screen. If you get the colour right then your pockets will soon be bulging with double your original win. If you opt to choose the correct suit right then you might need a wheelbarrow to take away your quadrupled winnings – in the event that you guess correctly of course.

Our verdict:

If you have played any NextGen slots before then you probably have a good idea what to expect from Potion Commotion. The graphics are good although not spectacular and the gameplay is simple but fiendishly addictive.

All in all, this is the sort of slots game that doesn’t really stand out from the crowd that much but if you are bored with all the other slots that you regularly play then this could keep you happy for a while. Once you start trying to get a big win out of this science lab  themed game you will find that playing around with potions is pretty good fun after all.