Taco Brothers Saving Christmas

It's Christmas time too in the usually sunny Mexico, and Elk Studios are bringing a touch of our colder winter weather to the beautiful Mexican town of Santa Maria with this festive themed edition of Taco Brothers called Taco Brothers Saving Christmas!

If you loved the original game, and who didn't, then you'll love this one even more as snowflakes fall down onto your reels and put you in to a jolly mood, even if the evil Captain Diaz is hot on your heels in pursuit of those infamous tacos! Help the Taco Brothers shake him off in this exciting, if a bit silly, slot game!

Our Verdict: Paso, Pepe, and Pico have made a grand return with Elk Studios at the helm in Taco Brothers Saving Christmas! This fun slot game has not lost any of its charm, and many of the exciting bonus features that you know and love are still here, but it's really just with a Christmas theme. With a massive 243 different ways to success, start playing on this 5 reel slot game today to win up to 1500x you bet with a bet ranging from as little as 10pn up to a maximum of £50!

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol will replace nearly all other symbols on your reels to create more winning combinations which means more money in your pocket! In Taco Brothers Saving Christmas, the wild symbol to watch out for is the Bell. There are also two other special symbols in this slot game, and one of them is the Taco Brothers wild which will trigger a fun bonus feature and the second symbol is the scatter symbol, which is represented by a Safe symbol, and this will trigger the game's bonus round. If you land a minimum of three scatters symbols on your reels, get ready to play the free spins round!

Wild Escape Free Spins: As we previously mentioned, the scatter Bell symbol will trigger the Wild Escape Free Spins Bonus Feature, but it will need to land on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels to trigger it. When you start off this round, a Taco Brother will fall down on to your 5th reel, and he will then become a wild symbol! Then, for each consecutive spin made thereafter, the Taco Brothers will try to escape across your reels and make it to safety away from the evil Captain Diaz who will try to imprison them again! Watch out for the Senorita as she will aid you in the Taco Brothers escape.

Taco Brothers Re-Spin: There are lots of fun bonus features to enjoy in Taco Brothers Saving Christmas, and the Taco Brothers Wild symbol will help you trigger one of the bonus features – the Taco Brothers Re-Spin! If you are lucky enough to land 2 of these symbols on your reels, you will be given 1 re-spin that can be used on any of your reels as long as it contains a safe scatter symbol.