Virtual Speedway

There's nothing like motorsports to get your adrenalin pumping, and with our brand-new Virtual Speedway game, you'll be hanging off the edge of your seat as you watch your chosen riders roaring around the race track at full throttle. Unlike the world of horse racing, there are only four contenders in each speedway event, which makes it considerably easier to choose which rider to back.

Virtual Speedway is a simulated game which offers you a track-side view of every event. You don't need to be a speedway expert to play it as there are just three betting options, all of which are pretty simple: Win, Place, and Each Way. Plus, because every game's outcome is decided by a random number generator (which is linked to the race's odds), you don't have to worry about the results being rigged.

If you want to wager on your chosen rider coming first, use a Win bet. Place bets are used to wager on whether your selection will take first, second, third or fourth position. Each Way bets are made up of a Place bet and a Win bet.

Many players favour Each Way bets as they cover more than one outcome. For example, if your rider wins the race, you'll get paid for both the Win and Place part of your wager. However, if your rider doesn't win but still places, you don't get paid for the Win part of your bet, but you do get paid out on your Place bet.

Once you've decided what type of bet you wish to use, click on the Win, Place, or E/W button to add it to your betting slip. You can put more than one type of bet on each rider, and even wager on multiple riders if you want to. To change the size of your stake from the default of £1.00, simply click the ‘Stake' box and manually enter your chosen amount. You'll see your total stake and estimated returns at the bottom of your betting slip, and when you're happy with your choices, all you need to do is click the yellow ‘Submit Bet' button. Bear in the mind that you only have as long as the time displayed on the countdown clock to place your bets. 

Races are run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a new race commencing every 3 to 30 minutes.

This thrilling virtual sports game allows you to choose from a number of different betting options, and you can find out more about each one by clicking the ‘?' the icon at the top-right of the game screen.

Single – Win Bet; Single – Place Bet; Single – E/W (Each Way) Bet.

Underneath the Virtual Speedway media player, there's a pull-down menu which allows you to display the odds as Fractional, Decimal or American to help you calculate and compare your potential returns. N.B. the default is decimal.

The minimum stake amount is 10p, and the maximum is £500. The maximum total stake amount is £5,000.

Turn up the volume on your mobile or desktop, get ready for the roar of the Virtual Speedway riders, and prick up your ears as you listen to the excited commentators talk you through every vital second of each event. It's a high-octane game with simple betting options that guarantees twists, turns, and plenty of thrills in every single race.