Pay via Mobile Phone Casino

Dazzle Casino is one of the few online gaming sites that currently operates a pay by mobile phone casino. This means that you can fund all your favourite casino games, table games, card games, slots, and scratch cards by making deposits that are charged to your mobile phone bill, rather than a debit card or e-wallet.

How our pay via mobile phone casino works

The payment system we use at Dazzle Casino is called PayForIt, and it works in a similar way to Boku. PayForIt allows you to make payments to your Dazzle account, which are then charged to your mobile phone bill or taken from your prepaid balance. This banking method is currently supported by four major networks: Vodafone, O2, EE, and 3.

How to use a pay via mobile casino

Using a pay via phone casino is super easy to do and if you are still confused by how exactly it works, let us go into more detail for you! All players need to do when they are playing at a pay by mobile casino is simply send a text message with the amount that they want to deposit. You will then receive a text message to confirm that you want to make this deposit. Once you have confirmed that you want to make this deposit, you will find this money added almost instantly into your online casino account. This whole process should only take you a few minutes at the most which is why so many players love to play at pay by mobile casino sites! As long as you are with one of the major mobile networks in the UK you should be able to take advantage of this fantastic payment method.

Once you have made your deposit to Dazzle Casino using pay by mobile, you will then have this deposited amount added to your monthly phone bill and you can pay it off at the same time when you pay your phone bill for the month. It really is that easy!

If you are sitting thinking that using the pay by mobile phone casino service doesn’t apply to you because you don’t have a monthly contract, then not to worry as you can actually still use the pay by mobile casino service with a pay as you go mobile phone too! When using this option, players can simply top up their phone as they normally would and send a text message to top up their account. However, instead of this depositing amount being added on to your phone bill at the end of the month it will automatically be taken from your top up credit.

This is a great way for many players to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with playing at a pay by mobile if you are someone who needs to have stricter budgets in place as you cannot really go crazy and end up with a massive bill at the end of the month. Not only that, this depositing payment method is absolutely fantastic for those who like to play on a budget as there is an upper limit set on how much you can deposit per day. This is normally quite low and is set at around £10. However, while this is great for players who don’t usually deposit a lot of money at online casinos, or simply don’t want to, this payment method is probably not ideal for those players like to play and win big and we would advise high rolling players to choose another payment option instead.

Lastly, don’t be disappointed if you do not own a mobile phone at all as you can still access this pay by phone casino system! How, you ask? Well, it is actually really simple and easy to do if you are with BT landlines. This is the only provider that will allow you to make deposit with your landline, but it is handy if you are already with them! This is not the most common choice for players when depositing their cash, but some players do still use it and love it! Now that your account has been credited with lots of cash using the pay by mobile service, it is time to get playing all of your favourite games for the chance to take home a massive cash prize when you play at Dazzle Casino! Also, you won’t miss out on any promotions and jackpots just because you deposited via your mobile.

The advantages of playing at a pay via mobile phone casino

Just like Boku payments, PayForIt gives you extra safety and security when playing at a pay by mobile phone casino. Players love the extra security that comes along with using this secure payment method as you can enjoy playing all of your favourite games with complete peace of mind that your cash will be safe when you do so! This is because your banking details are never used during the transaction, and only official PayForIt intermediaries that are authorised and monitored by each mobile phone network are involved in the payment process. Therefore, there is no chance of your personal, debit card or bank details being passed on to any other company nor any unauthorised charges deducted. When carrying out any kind of transaction online, safety and security should always be your number one priority.

What’s more, as there are deposit limits set this with payment methods, any damage that could possibly happen will only be miniscule. One of the things that our players here at Dazzle Casino love about using a payment system like PayForIt is that all of your mobile deposits used with this service will be tracked. Players will receive a receipt sent to them and you can keep a hold of them. This is handy if you need to report any issues that may have arisen when making your deposit. However, we do tend to find that most players are extremely happy when using this payment system and do not run into any issues when using it. It’s also one of the easiest banking methods you can use to gamble. Alternative systems such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller require you to log into their systems to approve each transaction.

With PayForIt, there’s no registration process or membership fees, and no need to download any app or software. Provided you’re visiting Dazzle Casino while connected to the mobile internet, the PayForIt system will automatically detect your phone number from your mobile network and enter it automatically on the payment page. 

If you’re surfing using WiFi or broadband, all you’ll need to do is enter your phone number or send a code to the number shown on your device’s screen. So, if you are looking for a simple and easy way to deposit your cash at Dazzle Casino, then this is it! Don’t waste any more time trying to remember debit card details. Simply enter your mobile number and away you go! What’s more, as we mentioned above, no matter whether you are on pay monthly contract or a pay as you go phone, the majority of people out there should find pay by mobile casino sites easily accessible. Most players will now have a smart phone, so if you own an Apple or Android device, then you should have no bother using this service to top up your pay by mobile account.

Pay By Mobile Casino Games

So, in less time than it takes to send a text to your mate, you could have made a deposit at our pay by mobile phone casino and already be playing our thrilling range of live casino table games, card games, scratch cards, and slots! Don’t miss out and gets started playing all of your favourite games anytime, anywhere when you deposit via the pay by mobile phone casino service. For more information on this service and how you can use it, contact a member of our customer support team today.