PayPal Casino

Here at Dazzle Casino, we like to offer our players a wide range of different payment options that will suit your gambling requirements and busy lives. Most players are simply looking for an easy and reliable payment method and that is why we are proudly a PayPal Casino. We’ve taken a look at all of the benefits that PayPal can bring to our players and have decided that this payment method is too good to miss out on.

With PayPal as a payment method, we allow our players to quickly transfer their cash from this e-wallet to their casino account. The great thing about this is that withdrawals can be carried out in less than one working day – which we know you’ll love to hear! There are many more advantages to using PayPal and being a PayPal Casino that we couldn’t resist adding this payment option to our site.

We like to keep up to date with all of the latest and most popular payment options which is why we are a PayPal casino; however, you will find that many other casinos are not! At Dazzle Casino, we want what’s best for our player so make sure to check out PayPal as a payment method on our site and you’ll see what we mean.

What Is A PayPal Casino?


If you have never heard of PayPal casino before then you might be wondering what we are talking about. Essentially, a PayPal casino makes use of the popular payment method PayPal deposits and withdrawals. PayPal casinos like Dazzle will usually advertise this service on the banking or deposit section of the site to show players what sort of services they can make use of.

We pride ourselves on being a PayPal casino and we know that many of our players are already making use of this payment method. It’s clear that PayPal casinos are the future and Dazzle Casino is proud to be one of the casinos leading this change.

Things That You Should Know About PayPal


Now that you know what a PayPal casino is, you’ll probably want to know a little more about the company. Although PayPal has been running since 1998, they didn’t go public until 2002. This company has been a hit for many different industries including gambling, retail and travel.
In the past, PayPal was acquired by eBay who make use of this service in most of their payments. Since then, PayPal has really taken off as more companies see the benefits of this payment method and the security that it can provide for both the merchant and the customer.

What Makes PayPal Casinos Great?


There are loads of different benefits to casinos like Dazzle making use of PayPal as a payment option and this is why we have chosen to offer this service to you. Making deposits and withdrawals at a PayPal casino could not be simpler and this is by far one of the easiest payment options that you will come across at any online casino. To make a deposit at a PayPal casino, all players are required to do is choose the PayPal option when making the deposit. If you are already signed in, as a PayPal casino we can save your sign in details providing you with a hassle-free payment method as you will not have to enter in or remember your login details each time you visit our PayPal casino.

The great thing about the convenient service that PayPal offer is that it gives you more time to enjoy playing all of your favourite slot games! Dazzle PayPal casino will then transport you straight to your account and you can then make your deposit from either your PayPal wallet or bank account. What players love about a PayPal casino is the amount of choice you receive as PayPal casino sites can also authorise card payments too when made from a single PayPal account. After your payment has quickly been processed these funds will instantly be added to your PayPal casino account and you are ready to start enjoying a whole range of exciting games!

Another thing that makes PayPal casinos so great is the fact that players can get their hands on their winnings much faster than other payment methods like Visa or Maestro. Players also love using PayPal casino sites and e-wallets as it means you can easily withdraw your cash. Simply hit the PayPal option on the withdrawal screen and your big cash wins will be transported straight from your PayPal casino account into your e-wallet. There’s no waiting around for your money to get into your account as PayPal are known for being one of the fastest payment services. This is why we love working with this company so much here at Dazzle!

While some casino sites might have some added terms and conditions on their bonuses when you make use of PayPal or other payment methods this is not true for all PayPal casinos. At Dazzle Casino we won’t restrict your bonuses when you use PayPal, so you don’t need to worry about this at all.

How Do Use PayPal?


For most players, what makes a PayPal casino so great to play at is that they already have a PayPal account created which means they can deposit their cash within seconds and can get started playing all of their favourite Dazzle Casino games!
Don’t have a PayPal account? If you are thinking about trying out PayPal as a payment method for your deposits on Dazzle Casino, you’ll need to know how to use PayPal.

The good news is that signing up to PayPal is really easy and should only take you a few minutes. Simply head on over to the PayPal website, hit ‘Get Started’ and you can follow the step by step instructions to creating your very own account. You’ll need to let them know some details about yourself and your bank account but don’t worry because it is perfectly safe to use. Once you’re all signed up, you can use your PayPal account on Dazzle Casino and anywhere else that offers this service.

Everyone loves PayPal as not only can it be used when playing at online casinos, it can also be used at most e-commerce style websites and so we are sure you will be using your new PayPal account constantly even when you are not playing here at Dazzle Casino!

How Do You Make A PayPal Deposit?


On Dazzle Casino, we make adding cash to your casino account really easy, so you don’t need to worry about making a PayPal deposit being difficult. All you need to do is make sure that you are all signed up to our site. Once you are, log in using your details and head to the deposit part of the site. You should be able to find the option to pay with PayPal on there easily enough – we’re proud to be a PayPal casino so we won’t hide it.

Next, you’ll need to enter the details of your PayPal account which will be your email address and password. Once you’ve done that the rest should be simple, and your money will be in your Dazzle Casino account within no time at all.

The Advantages Of Using A PayPal Casino


Once you start using a PayPal casino like Dazzle, you will quickly see why this type of online casino is so incredibly popular to deposit your cash and play at. There are a plethora of advantages that you can look forward to when using this payment method and here we are taking you through some of our favourite benefits of using PayPal.

One of the main reasons why so many people opt to play at a PayPal casino is for the peace of mind that you will get when you use this payment method. PayPal is an extremely safe and secure way to transfer money online and you can enjoy many more security benefits compared to when you use a card. This means you can spin the reels of your favourite games without worrying about your details being hacked or your money going array.

PayPal acts as the intermediary between you and the PayPal casino that you are playing at and works hard to monitor every single transaction that goes through their system. This means that the online casino will never have direct access to your bank account, and you will get all of the safety protections that come with using PayPal such as getting your money back if the website that you are using is not legitimate.

While it is perfectly safe to play at Dazzle Casino, it can still be nice to have this peace of mind when making a deposit. While we use special encryption to protect your details, this extra level of security can definitely help in the long-run. Security should be one of your main concerns when using your bank details online so make sure to take advantage of PayPal and choose a PayPal casino like Dazzle.

Another reason why so many people love to use PayPal casino sites is because of just how convenient this service is. Players can log in, make a deposit and then be playing their all-time favourite games within just a matter of minutes! The convenience of PayPal is hard to beat, and we know this is why many of our players make use of this service when they are making a deposit on our site.

We’ve all been there when we are trying to place an order online but cannot remember where we left our bank card and all details have to be re-entered number by number. This can be a lengthy process that takes away from your valuable playing time and you might even miss out on that progressive jackpot! With PayPal, your details will be stored online, so you don’t have to worry about remembering any details each time you log in and depositing cash is incredibly quick and easy.

We love the convenient aspect of PayPal and we know that you will too! We trust in PayPal to deliver a fast and convenient service that will be up to our customers’ expectations. What’s more, if you are accessing Dazzle Casino on your mobile device, when using PayPal, you can also enable touch ID for your PayPal account which makes depositing funds into your account even quicker! This also adds an extra level of security as you will be sure that only your fingerprint will allow for the transaction to go through.

Everyone wants to make their hard-earned cash go that little bit further and when you use PayPal, unlike many other online casino payment methods, you will not have to worry about any additional fees for using this payment service. When you are playing at any online casino, it is always worth double checking if there are any fees attached to the payment method that you want to use as this can quickly eat into your funds.  With PayPal and PayPal casinos like Dazzle, you don’t need to worry about this as there will be no hidden fees.

Another great thing about using PayPal is the fact that there are no limits on how much you can deposit on your favourite casino site. Many players choose PayPal as their primary payment method as other payment methods require players to stick to a certain limit whether that it daily, weekly or even monthly. There is no need to worry about this when you are playing at a PayPal casino such as Dazzle as there are no limits unless you decide to place some limits for yourself on your account – which we do recommend for responsible gambling.

Finally, PayPal is extremely popular with many of our players as you can easily keep track of your cash. We can all be guilty of getting a little too carried away when playing our favourite games and so it is important that you are keeping close track of your spending.

With a PayPal account, you can easily log in and check your transactions to ensure that you are staying to your designated budget. This is perfect for those who think they might be spending more than they can afford and it can really help to battle gambling addictions which can be so dangerous. If you make deposits on Dazzle Casino using PayPal, make sure to regularly check your account where you’ll find out details of all of your latest transactions.

Disadvantages Of Using A PayPal Casino


The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages of using PayPal at online casino sites, however, this payment method may not be best suited to every single player. For some people, as PayPal is not subject to the same financial legislation as banks, they deem it to not be as safe as using their bank card. Furthermore, when using a PayPal account, you can still be targeted by scammers who are trying to get your log in details. It is also worth noting that your account can be frozen if PayPal suspects any fraudulent activity from your account or any illegal activity.

Lastly, while you won’t have to remember long and complicated banking card details, you will still have to remember your PayPal account login details so you can access your cash and check your transactions. Of course, these disadvantages are nothing to worry about, as long as you are able to keep your login details safe and report anything that looks suspicious.

What Services Does PayPal Offer?


Not only does PayPal offer their popular eWallet service but they have many other services that come with their own advantages. It’s likely that you’ll be using the PayPal eWallet for making deposits on Dazzle Casinos which will keep all of your details in one space and you can easily send and receive payments with this service.
PayPal also have their own app which you can use to do the same things as you would with your eWallet. On top of this, you can use the app to pay at certain outlets in store. This app is really handy so consider downloading it if you are going to be using PayPal a lot.

Another great service offered by PayPal is the PayPal Access Card which acts as a MasterCard which is linked to your PayPal eWallet. This is a really handy card to have and it lets you use touch payment and withdraw any funds in your PayPal account from an ATM.
You might have also heard of PayPal.Me which is for payments from peers to peers. While this has only been launched in select countries so far, it is set to be quite popular. This service should allow you to send a request for funds using other platforms on your phone.

If you run a business, you might have also heard of the PayPal Business Solutions service which can allow you to receive payments in-store as well as receiving payments on your online store. You might have also heard of the PayPal Here card reader which is great for accepting card payments.
Make sure to take a look at some of the services that PayPal offer and make sure that you are using the best possible payment solution for you. At Dazzle Casino, we love letting you use PayPal for some quick and easy transactions. Take a look at some of the advantages of each method and you should be able to find what works best for your needs.

What To Expect From PayPal Sites In The Future


PayPal is only expected to grow even bigger in the upcoming years as more and more people use it for their online payments. While cryptocurrencies are the latest big trend, this could just be a fad, as PayPal has been around for quite some time now and is only expected to grow even further. This is also especially true for mobile casino gamers who love to play on the go and need an easy and quick way to deposit their cash anytime, anywhere.

You should expect to see PayPal appearing on more casinos as time goes on, but Dazzle Casino should always be your first choice. We expect our PayPal services to only improve as time goes on to make sure that you always have the best possible service when making a payment. Look out for PayPal in the future and how this technology changes over time as technology improves in general.

Get Started Now!


Using Dazzle Casino as your PayPal casino really should be a no brainer with the fast withdrawals, even faster deposits, security features and fraud protection. When it comes to comparing payment methods, PayPal is definitely the future and you can expect to see it on Dazzle Casino for a long time to come as it is such an easy, quick and convenient way for people to deposit and withdraw their cash here. Of course, we offer many other payment methods for you to choose from and each of these has their own advantages, but when trying to manage your money, nothing really beats PayPal!

Make sure to sign up to PayPal over on their main site and choose this option when you are making a deposit on Dazzle Casino today. We love the fact that our players are able to get their hands on their winnings as soon as possible because winning a jackpot can be very exciting and who wants to have to wait to spend it?
Finding the right deposit method for a casino can be difficult but with PayPal, you can be guaranteed security and convenience so make sure to try this method out as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you switch over to PayPal for your payment on Dazzle Casino. You’ll love all of the advantages that come along with this payment method!

Join Dazzle Casino, make your PayPal deposit and start winning big today!